January 26, 2007

Pretty complete.

There will surely come some flak from the more web design-oriented people out there with the simplicity of my blog but my preemptive strike is simply: I have no purpose just yet to pay for a "real" piece of the web and currently I don't have the patience to sit down and play with templates to at least make this look more spiffy than it is. My time is spent focused on what this blog is ultimately about, and I'm happy with how the space to share my art has turned out. If there's anybody out there with the time and know-how that wants to make this place look every bit as professional as it's intent then I would gladly welcome volunteers. I'm just not in a position to pay anyone for that kind of design work.

That said, through and through this spot's done. Some links to other relevant spots online will crop up as time goes on and so will the content here itself. Currently only "On Canvas" has a viewable piece from my portfolio up on display but in the coming days more and more will be posted.

Thank you.

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