January 22, 2007

Choosing Pixels

A lot of thought has been given to what I'm going to feature on my corner of the internets. What with so many tubes to choose from it's a hefty choice.

Film is a passion of mine and for quite some time my greatest ambition often came through as a statement: "I'm going to be Steven Spielberg when I grow up." Well I'm "grown up" and the truth of the matter is, despite some embers of that filmmaking passion, I'm over it. At least over the concept that the whole Hollywood thing is for me, anyway. So short films, quick docs and some music videos still fly free from my editing station at times but none of those will be featured here. There are other places to view those and this just won't be one of them.

I write more than anything else (sleep aside, it's quite possible I write more than I breathe on any given day) but no, this isn't a place for that either. I may float a subtle post or link out here if I ever get something published, however.

So to keep things simple this blog (I'm not fond of that word, but it's the truth...this is just a blog with pictures) will be split up into three sections: Photography, Painting, and the portion that you're reading at this very moment. It's here that I'll share news, events, schedules (if or when they arise). In Photography and Painting I'll display some of my work from time to time and talk a little about how certain tricks were achieved without getting too technical (if I get technical at all).

I've been painting and taking photos for years but I'm still and will forever be just a beginner. There's always something to learn and always twice as much to share.

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