January 19, 2007

Mission Statement

It is commonplace to enter any number of fine art galleries in the greater Northern Michigan area and find industry standard items. Whether they are pieces of pottery, contemporary paintings, stereotypical landscape or animal paintings, wooden sculptures of animals or little automobiles, bead jewelry, or photographic prints of sunsets, birds, deer, sand, lighthouses, and iron ore transport ships. You can find these things anywhere and everywhere. These items are well-thought out and beautifully executed. There is little doubt that the artist whose name is printed or inscribed on these goods are talented, experienced individuals.

My personal mission is the same of any upstart or aspiring artist: to bring something fresh to the medium. A slightly different breed of coloring, typically unused angles, so on and so forth. That being said it's inevitable that the standard item will find its way into my portfolio from time to time, but I hope all who view what I create find something that interests them, inspires them, or sparks some old memories or dreams within.

Everything shown here is my own property unless otherwise stated, in which case I will make great effort to cite the source or inspiration. All of my personal works displayed are copyrighted and can not be used in any circumstance without my permission or a trackback of some kind to the original posting of the item in question.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy what's to come.

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