February 3, 2007

Some Updates.

Each of the display sections have been updated to include a new piece each. Also, some of the interpretations for "Four Corners" that have floated around before I created this space have finally been posted as well, so take a gander and leave a comment if you have anything to add.

I would also like to ask that if anyone comes across this spot and likes anything they see then please help me out by sharing the link with anyone else whom may be interested in something that's here. It would be greatly appreciated, honest.

Offline, business is slow. The tourist rates have dropped incrementally since Christmas so sales of my prints have dwindled significantly. It's a minor lull, however. In this part of Michigan tourism is pretty constant (weather permitting) but the type of people who come up here alternate frequently. During holiday times, summer, and early fall there are a lot of people around who come simply to see the sights and to do some shopping in the downtown areas. Although I myself am a bit reclusive and not one for crowds of people I can't help but come to love and look forward to those times of the year now. The rest of our tourism traffic consists of the people coming up here to enjoy the outdoors and/or to play hard. The skiers, snowboarders, fishermen, et al.; when they venture into town it's mostly to pick up supplies, not to browse the downtown shops. However, with Valentine's Day coming closer I'm becoming cautiously optimistic.

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