February 14, 2007

Some updates

No word yet on this week's sales but fingers are crossed due to the slight increase in holiday travelers milling around the gallery cluster in downtown. I'm aware it's a long shot but one can hope, can't he?

I've been struggling with some fresh additions to the "site." Namely an element in the Photography section that can take people to view my work that's been featured on michiganisamazing.dot.com, but they have some sort of block on blogger urls that prevents Trackbacks. Instead of being taken to the site you're taken to a white error page that states the url you're coming from is that of a spammer. There is a link on that page that allows you to bypass and move onward to see the destination if "this page is inaccurate" but it's an ugly process. Moreover their website bears no contact information to let me pose this problem to them so any sort of resolution can be reached. So until something on their end is hammered out I'll just have to stick with a minimalists Photography section.

A few Flickr mails have popped up in my account over there with wonderful compliments and questions from individuals who cited this blog as means of finding out about me, rather than just stumbling across my photos on Flickr itself. To those people: Thank you very much; I'm truly appreciate the kind words and inquiries and I promise I'll reply to each of you in due time.

Regarding content - I know I've been slacking at getting some updates on here but don't give up on this place yet. Things have been a little busy with organizing projects and portfolios offline so regrettably this spot's suffered. Check in soon and I promise there will be some new items to look at and comment on, if you feel so inclined.

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Anonymous said...

Hey man! When are you going to update? *whines*